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The Mini BMX – Homepage

Mini BMX is taking the work by storm!

Home of The Mini BMX by Venom. See our full range of the Mini BMX by Venom – RAW – GREEN – BLUE – ORANGE. Why not checkout some of our merchandise!

The Mini BMX by Venom brand was created after seeing these awesome little bikes being created as bespoke items in Indonesia, we thought all should be able to enjoy the ride of a Mini BMX – The Venom brand was born! 2013 was an exciting year for our little bikes, partnering with some of the world’s best pro riders including the Nitro Circus team – many ‘world first’ tricks being seen on The Mini BMX by Venom. After the huge success of our first model, we have refined the new Mini BMX by Venom to offer an truly enhanced riding experience. We have redesigned the frame geometry from the ground up to offer a higher centre of gravity, changing the balance points of the bike – landing bigger tricks much easier! We have also updated the bikes gearing – so you can go fast, quicker! A pair of stunt pegs included – as always! The new design has been tried and tested by our pro riders to be accessible to all without compromising on quality to ensure its of the high quality you expect would from the Venom brand.